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Branding Shoot

February 7, 2021

I can’t start this blog with anything other than how much of a BLAST shooting a branding session with Nicole Reed Real Estate & Associates was! We did a branding session together 4 years ago when Nicole was starting out and it has been so awesome seeing her create her success in real estate!

Nicole is a successful real estate agent that services Richmond and the Tri-Cities areas. She is fun, hardworking, kind and so much more so it’s not hard for me to understand her success!

I met Nicole when she was referred to me for a listing session. You may or may not know that one of the hats I wear as a photographer is within the real estate industry, providing agents with photos for their listings! It’s fun to capture all of the details within a home on camera and to know that part of my job is playing a role in helping people buy/sell their (usually) biggest investment! It’s a different part of the business that I don’t share as much as the rest, but I do thoroughly enjoy doing it!

Nicole is headed into her 5th year in Real Estate and you’d think she’s been doing it her whole life. She left her 16 year career in corporate America as a VP of a banking firm. She said she entered real estate and never looked back! I think that’s such a warm and cool part of her story but honestly, just by knowing her, I am not surprised by this in the least! Her motivation is admirable.

Nicole is more than a successful real estate agent! As a mother of 5 young men; James Jr, Joshua, Jonathan, Carl Jr and Nicholas she has found success in more than business! She is a dedicated mom and wife and seems to have a great balance to those two worlds! Her husband James has joined her in Real Estate on the investment side of the business as she continues to help her clients buy and sell! James is such a genuine guy and I know that as a team they will bring so much value to their clients!

To speak further on Nicole’s accomplishments, she was featured on the Top Agent Realtors magazine recently and has an impressive goal this year is to help 100 families achieve wealth through real estate. I have no doubt that she will crush her goal!

While drafting this blog post I came across a quote that says “surround yourself with people who push you, who challenge you and who help to make you better” and I thought it was perfectly fitting for Nicole and her mission.

She has surrounded herself with an incredibly supportive team and has stuck with them (and visa versa) since day 1 of Nicole’s business venture in real estate.

Brand Ambassador and Strategist: Chelae Cummings

Makeup Artist: Holly Byrd

Stylist: Anetra Byrd

Hairstylist: All eyes on you (Lashawn & Daughter)

*Special shout-out from Nicole and her team “to Ms. Sharon Oliver, owner of CEO Magazine and CEO Studios, for allowing us to use her amazing space for our photoshoot and commercial!”

Thank you Nicole Reed and team for allowing me the highest honor of shooting your branding session! I look forward to all of the opportunities I may have in the future to assist you and am grateful for the sessions we’ve worked together on in the past. Best wishes!



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