what i live for

Documenting life's most special moments for you is such an honor!!  Since we will hopefully be spending a lot of time together during your upcoming session, I want to make sure you really feel like you know me! When I'm not busy photographing a wedding, responding to the never-ending list of emails, or jamming out to country music during an intense editing session, you can find me at home with my beautiful daughter, Reagan. She is my "Why" in everything I do, and she is quite possibly the most-photographed child to ever live.

You may have gotten a hint of this already... but
I LOVE what I do! 


she believed she could so she did ...

* I love to travel
* I love anything by the water
* I have a love for Taco Bell
* I collect old cameras
* I have 2 dogs Bella and daisy, I'm a boss mom lol ... I have worked doing tattoo removal and esthetics for 8 years now , my favorite color to wear is black , my favorite color is teal , I can wake board , me and Reagan have the same mid name , I live my life by quotes and I love astrology and my horoscope ... I live in target and tj max, Starbucks is a must if I have time to stop, Mexican is my favorite food , ...... ok I think that's a start.ooo and I love Halloween and all thinks spooky and over the top decorating for xmas 

what i love!

Becoming a mother is the best thing that has and will ever happen to me in this world!!! 
Also the big supportive loving crazy family I come from. With out this people in me and Reagans life none of this would be possible.

my family

what i live for

Vibrant and engaging; two words that describe every piece I produce. The focus of my photography is to capture each moment with a sense of authenticity in mind. No fake smiles, just genuine story telling through imagery. I enjoy capturing not only people in images, but also the beautiful world surrounding them. 

vibrant and engaging

my design style

 Wine… Need I say more?

happy hour drink

my go to

 I just kind of fell into it. Throughout life, I have always had a camera in my hand, I just never thought of it as a realistic job. In 2013, I worked a wedding to help a friend in South Western, Virginia and this is when I realized maybe this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It is important to love what you do, and I wanted to wake up every morning knowing that I am doing what I love, which is hard to come by today. After my first gig with my friend, the rest was really history. I booked my first three weddings that same year and the next year the number of weddings multiplied! It has been seven years now, and my hustle hasn’t slowed a bit! If anything, my passion has grown along with my business, and hopefully it will continue to!


why i became a

Summer!! As a naturally cold person, I live for the warmth of summer. I love being outside and especially enjoy being in a swimsuit somewhere on a beach, despite the sand. With warmth comes the summer bugs and birds chirping, along with long nights spent admiring the stars. A huge plus is having longer hours of sunlight to enjoy the relaxing summer days. It also helps that the trees are full of life and flowers bloom everyday, adding some beautiful scenery.

is summer

my favorite season

I love anywhere that involves water, specifically lakes. My favorite place to visit is South Holsten Lake in Tennessee! The lake is the prettiest part; surrounded by mountains with pebbled sand and crystal-clear water. The scenery is almost as great as the company! I have some family friends there that I enjoy visiting a couple times a year. It is unreal how beautiful fireworks look over the lake on the Fourth of July!

place to visit

my favorite

Meet miss Reagan. Reagan was born March 30, 2018. After a long 17 hours I finally got to meet this beautiful little girl. Reagan is the biggest blessing to me and pushes me every day to not only be a great mom but to follow my dreams! Photography makes me at peace and I love every moment and memory I catch. Not only am I lucky enough to be able to be apart of all the stepping stones in your life but I get to make memories for my clients too. Reagan is the center of my entire world! 

My reason why I want to be the best mother and photographer I can. 




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