to travel
anything by the water
taco bell (any mexican food really)
to collect old cameras
wearing black
teal (can you tell?)
decorating over-the-top for holidays

I love...

Documenting life's most special moments for you is such an honor and I love to get to know my clients personally.

I live in the good old heart of Virginia with my Daughter Reagan, and our Yorkie Terrier, Daisy. I love being by the water whenever possible, and I'm the first to volunteer if there's water-skiing or wake-boarding involved. I'm passionate about spreading positivity, eating taco bell (or any Mexican food, really), and making an impact. When I'm not wearing my mom hat, there's a good chance I'm busy talking astrology with friends, aligning my chakras, giving back to local charities, or jamming out to country music during an intense editing session.

Hi, I'm Asley

Becoming a mother is, hands-down, the best thing to ever happen to me! I have found so much more purpose and motivation for all that I do in my personal life and in business. She is my "why!"

I owe a huge thank you to my incredible family! None of this would be possible without them. 

my family

what i live for

Vibrant and engaging; two words that describe every piece I produce. The focus of my photography is to capture each moment with a sense of authenticity in mind. No fake smiles, just genuine story telling through imagery. I enjoy capturing not only people in images, but also the beautiful world surrounding them. 

vibrant + engaging

my design style

Summer!! As a naturally cold person, I live for the warmth of summer. I love being outside and especially enjoy being in a swimsuit somewhere on a beach, despite the sand. With warmth comes the summer bugs and birds chirping, along with long nights spent admiring the stars. A huge plus is having longer hours of sunlight to enjoy the relaxing summer days. It also helps that the trees are full of life and flowers bloom everyday, adding some beautiful scenery.


my fav season

I love anywhere that involves water, specifically lakes. My favorite place to visit is South Holsten Lake in Tennessee! The lake is the prettiest part; surrounded by mountains with pebbled sand and crystal-clear water. The scenery is almost as great as the company! I have some family friends there that I enjoy visiting a couple times a year. It is unreal how beautiful fireworks look over the lake on the Fourth of July!

the lake

my fav place to visit

more about ashley

Reagan was Born on March 30, 2018: after a long 17 hours in labor, I finally got to meet this beautiful little girl. Reagan is the biggest blessing to me and pushes me every day to not only be a great mom but to follow my dreams! Photography brings so much peace to my life and I love every moment and memory I capture. I cherish each moment of life so much more intensely now and hold the value of every memory so much higher. I truly believe this makes me a better photographer just as much as she makes me a better person! Reagan is the center of my entire world! 

that's my sweet daughter, miss reagan!

Have you noticed the little girl popping up all over this page?

In 2013, I was an aesthetician who had a knack for using my Canon Rebel T3 to take personal photos of my life and friends. That hobby slowly bloomed into a small photography business, and that year, I took my first ever second-shooting gig at a wedding. Eight years later, my passion for documenting life's most precious moments and inspiring others to pursue their dreams has been my driving force as a seasoned business owner. 

I'm a firm believer in pouring love into the people who support my goals and dreams, so don't be surprised when you receive a random text of encouragement, a 'thank you' package in the mail, or a personalized holiday card from my family to yours. Once we've worked together, we're in this thing for life, baby! 

What does photography mean to me and how did i turn my passion into my career?


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