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January 30, 2021

Whew, my calendar has been booked almost solid between sessions and editing for the last couple of months and I am SO GRATEFUL for the confirmation that saying goodbye to my 9-5 to pursue my photography business was an amazing decision! I have the best clients on the planet.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve drafted a new blog and I couldn’t resist taking this opportunity to share more on Sophia & Isaac’s engagement session! Not only was it an absolute blast to hang out with them for this time, but they are a stunning couple both inside and out so it makes it an easy choice to dedicate some of my time to getting this session on the blog.

Y’all probably know by now that I love a good love story and most of the time, engagement sessions give me the chance to gather some of those details. I LOVE to share them, with permission of course. Isaac & Sophia’s session is no different and I am excited to spill some of those beans today! Isaac & Sophia (warmly known to Isaac as “Soph”) were kind enough to share their sweet story with me and now, to all of you! <3

Isaac shared that him and Sophie met their freshman/sophomore year of college and resided on each other’s “brother hall” and “sister halls,” meaning they saw each other almost daily. For the next couple of years they went their separate ways, but kept in contact from time to time. One night, he invited her for dinner with no intention of falling in love with her, but recognized he felt a certain way about her! A week or two later he took her to dinner and a movie and that night confirmed his feeling for her were genuine! (I LOVE that they have these details committed to memory!)

Now, after 2 years of being together he said he has never been more sure that Sophie is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

He proposed at Prince Gallitzin State Park in Patton, PA where his family goes camping annually. Recognizing this as a place full of the fondest memories from Isaac’s childhood, He decided to propose there so that he could share that sentiment about the Park with Sophie! I. Am. A. Puddle.

When I asked them their favorite characteristic(s) of each other, they responded with the most genuine and heartfelt answer. Isaac said it feels like their actions are “fluid” and they work so well together. Sophie is a talker, according to Isaac, but he noted that there have been many days of being together where they are in the midst of their individual tasks but physically together and that they just work so well as a couple. Their balance both in knowledge/education and personalities are admirable!

Both of their families are a huge part of their lives so Isaac was sure to include them in their day. <3

No doubt, Isaac and Sophia are an amazing couple… Two incredible people that are completely extraordinary together! When I asked for feedback on their session, they shared that they were happy to allow me to take the reigns on their session with posing and creativity, noting that “her work speaks for itself, but she is the most genuine, kind, funny person who makes the whole session feel effortless.”

I really can’t put into words what reviews like that mean to me. To my very core, being a photographer is one of the best parts of me. I LOVE what I do and I put my heart and soul into every second of it. Being appreciated, recognized and built up by kind words literally makes my heart burst with joy. Even without those words, I would never be able to express adequately how blessed I feel that I get to do this every day. I love you guys!

Congrats to Sophie and Isaac for deciding on forever _ I wish you both nothing but the absolute best and would be honored to have you in front if my camera again in the future.



*More from their session below

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