Some things you are just naturally drawn to, for me, photography has always been my thing. As a young girl, I would always have a camera in my hand, ready to capture every detail whenever the moments arise. Today, I continue to follow my dreams by pursuing my passion for photography. I enjoy capturing life’s most joyous details for my clients. I live for the elation of witnessing a young couple’s engagement. I love capturing the tears in a groom’s eyes as he sees his bride walking towards him in a room full of people. I enjoy photographing a newborn’s perfect, tiny toes. I am humbled to document your children’s belly-laugh each year as they grow. I am proud to share the excitement with your class Senior as they prepare for the next chapter approaching in their lives. I also cherish every moment in between, as should you. Photography is a way for someone to experience the moments captured for years on down the road. It is my honor and a dream come true to capture these moments for you. 

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i'm Ashley

I am a proud mother! I am also a Dr. Pepper lover and a Taco Bell enthusiast. I was born and raised in the heart of Virginia, with a love of wedding and lifestyle photography.

When I look at an image, I want to feel exactly how I felt while taking it, so that is how I photograph. I photograph in a way that not only captures specific poses and details, but also captures emotions and perspective. I want you to look back at the images and feel the peace, love, or joy that you felt during that moment. A genuine and natural photography experience is ideal, and that is what I am dedicated to provide.

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Time to time we offer a mini sessions. Typically they last 20 minutes, include a limited number of digital images and occur on a specific day and special location. Sessions get booked very quickly. Make sure you leave your email to get recent updates.

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