The Greene Wedding | Derrick + Mesaydes


December 25, 2020

This one HAD to make it’s way onto my blog – When you see the images, you’ll agree. It was an incredible day and every single detail was stunning. The vibe of the whole day was so calm, cool and FUN.

I want to start with Derrick and Mesaydes’ love story. I love to ask couples about this part of their lives because I love to know how they got to the point they’re at on, very likely, the biggest and most exhilarating day of both of their lives.

Mesaydes shared with me that they met in January of 2019 in Richmond. She had been out with one of her friends for brunch while ironically Derrick was doing exactly the same thing with one of his friends. He had posted a picture of his brunch to social media, which she responded to by asking where he was eating. He was at Sidewalk Cafe, somewhere she had never been. He ended up asking her to join him there the following week for a “date.” Through conversation she found out that they share a love of Harry Potter and she KNEW she had found the one. <3

She said their friends commented that they would be great friends and Derrick said “I don’t want to just be friends.” They’ve been inseparable since. I love that!

It is undeniable how in love these two are. They light up with a joy that only two people so in love can, and you can FEEL it when you are around them.

My friend, and fellow photographer, is dating Mesaydes’ brother. I’m so thankful that through this connection I was given the opportunity to be a part of this incredible day! I enjoyed every single second I spent with this group of people! SUCH amazing people, with so much love for each other. I am so happy for them!

Derrick and Mesaydes planned their small, intimate ceremony amidst the pandemic so that they could still get married without putting their extended family and friends at risk. Many of their family members are out of state and traveling, or gathering in large groups obviously complicates things a bit. Not wanting to wait to marry, while still making comfortable choices that they felt was best for all of their family – Derrick and Mesaydes tied the knot in the most breathtaking, intimate ceremony with their immediate family at her parent’s home where she grew up.

They REALLY made the absolute best of the circumstance given with the pandemic and every detail was nothing short of perfect! Derrick and Mesaydes plan to celebrate in a larger, more inclusive gathering at a later date and I have no doubt that it will be another incredible day in their lives. They are just so fun and make-the-best-of-it people and I genuinely wish them all the best in their lives together.

Mesaydes and Derrick, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. You are beautiful people, crafted perfectly for each other and I am honored to have witnessed your love as you two became one. Congratulations to you both!

Thank you to my clients and all of you that follow along with my work. I couldn’t do this without you. As I wrap up my work for 2020 I feel SO blessed for all that I have within my photography business and all of that thanks is owed to each of you.

Merry Christmas!



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