Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

May 24, 2020

When Ashley Dorton Photography was brand new, I genuinely wanted to savor every opportunity I was given to be behind the camera. Whether it was families, babies or weddings, I wanted to do it all. I am so glad that I went into pursuing my photography dreams with that mentality because I enjoy every inch of what I do as a photographer and to this very day I love to capture every type of session that comes my way! The different vibe each session puts off both during the actual session and through the editing process keeps my creative photographer juices flowing, and I thrive on that!

One style of photography that 100% snuck up on me was real estate photography. To be completely honest it was never on my radar, and not because I wasn’t interested per say, but because I honestly just really didn’t think of it. When I first decided to give it a shot I was a little bit nervous because it is such a different type of shoot. You aren’t capturing candid family moments or picking a perfectly curated set of outfits… You are capturing aspects of a home. The pressure is REALLY on, too. I mean, hello, these people are counting on me to help their home sell! That’s kiiiiind of a big deal, or at least I definitely don’t take the responsibility lightly!

I have honestly grown to love this part of photography! I am a people person so I get lost in person-to-person sessions, but capturing the beautiful elements of a (usually) perfectly pieced together home is so cool to me.

None of us could’ve ever seen this coronavirus situation coming from a mile away, but it has kept me away from a lot of my person-to-person interaction with photography. I have craved those lost moments behind the camera and am so excited to be getting back at that. Real estate photography has been a major blessing to me because it has given me the opportunity to still do what I love to do! Turns out people still love to buy and sell houses, even in the midst of a pandemic! Cheers to the real estate agents and real estate photographers still getting to do what we love to do despite a world crisis! I am so thankful that I have spent time getting to know and grow my real estate photography skills over the years. They have really come in handy lately!

I hope all is well with all of you. Thanks for tuning into my blog! Enjoy a look at some beautiful homes I’ve been lucky enough to photograph!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, too!


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