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March 11, 2020

Hey! It’s Ashley, the owner of Ashley Dorton Photography and I’m thrilled you’re here!

A lot has changed over the last few months but a lot has stayed the same, too! Reagan, my sweet (almost) 2 year old daughter is my world! I’m getting married this year and am so excited to spend the rest of my life with my fiancĂ© Josh! The taste of Taco Bell or an ice cold Dr. Pepper are sure to hit the spot at any given time, and if you’ve been around a while you may know that! I am still the passionate photographer that feels at complete peace with a camera in my hand and I feel humbled with every opportunity I have to provide my clients with lifelong memories!

2019 was exceptionally hard for me and my family – My childhood home was deemed a total loss after an arsonist set it on fire. There are no words for the heartbreak that I felt seeing my childhood home sitting on the ground as a pile of burned wood and ashes. Amongst almost every possession my family and I owned, my photography equipment was also claimed by the fire. It has been a long journey of a rollercoaster of emotions and as we work on the emotional and material re-building, I am thankful to be on a more positive part of this heart-wrenching and devastating journey as we begin to heal.

Though there have been plenty of hard times lately, I have also been busy behind the scenes working on a lot of exciting changes like re-branding, updating my equipment and my website! I truly believe that investing time and energy into creating a strong brand is essential to reaching your ideal clients no matter what business you’re involved with. It is my ultimate desire that my clients trust that I am dedicated to their positive and fun experience with me, and that my brand is as strong as that guarantee!

It has been hard to press pause to make room for these changes but I am so proud and enthusiastic about the new look of my website and brand and hope you’ll love them too! I’m anxious to get behind my camera full time again and look forward to sharing those captured moments!

Thanks for stopping by!


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