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May 23, 2022

Quimby Wedding | Married in Chesterfield, VA

Jay and Becca’s intimate Chesterfield wedding is the first I’m sharing from 2022, and I’m feeling so blessed to have started the year off with such special people.

To say these two have overcome a lot in their lifetime would be quite the understatement, but the one thing that remains constant is their love for life and each other. This self-described “Disney Couple” believes in living each day to the fullest and never taking time together for granted. They love, laugh, and act as if each day may be their last, and I honestly can’t think of anything more inspiring or important than that.

Sports are also a shared passion for Jay and Becca- they’ve each devoted many weekends to cheering their favorite teams on and inviting others to get in on the excitement as well. It is clear to me that their commitment to rooting others on and spreading joy to everyone they meet is something that has trickled over as an every-day practice for them. Seeing Becca show up to support me at one of my recent events made me feel like such a rock-star, and it further exemplifies just how solid of a “cheerleader” she is to have on your team.

Keep scrolling to get to know this incredibly inspiring couple on a deeper level, and check out some of my favorite captures from their day while you’re at it!

(Also, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, this one’s for you!)

The pair opted for a humble gathering full of family and close friends in Chesterfield, VA. I absolutely loved the couple’s gorgeous purple florals by Marylee Marmer Events, as well as all of the adorable Harry Potter-themed details they included in their decor. It was so much like them to keep things quaint and intimate, while allowing their child-like fun and wonder to truly shine. I absolutely cannot stress it enough when I tell people to do things THEIR WAY and to include their own style and interests into the mix.

My favorite moment of the day with Becca and Jay was definitely their golden hour portraits. I utilized this one-on-one time with the couple to snag some really gorgeous captures of them sharing lots of cuddles and laughter in a wide-open field nearby! I loved the natural simplicity that this background provided; highlighting their genuine love and the inner-light they share. Some people don’t need all the extra bells and whistles- they shine brightly on their own.

I’m excited to be switching up my interview questions this year to help you all get a deeper understanding of my couples and their stories! I have been deeply moved and inspired by the special people I have been lucky enough to photograph over the years, and I figured it’s time I share a little more of their magic and their message with you all. Let’s get to know Becca & Jay in Becca’s own words.

So Becca, how did you and Jay meet?
“We met through a mutual friend, Darrell. Darrell and Jay co-own a sports network, and with my love of sports, I was one of their first sponsors. Jay and I would become friends through the network and later, they would ask me to join the team. I went on to learn that I have a thyroid disease and was placed on a thyroid replacement. No one told me that I would become sun-sensitive, so I spent five days at Disney with no sun screen. 🤣 Needless to say, I got burned really badly and it kicked our friendship up even more because he was a thyroid cancer survivor and also on the medication. We would spend hours chatting and learning about one another. All the while, I took care of my grandma. I was blind to the fact that he liked me. He still laughs about me being oblivious to people hitting on me even now. When he finally came out and told me he liked me more than a friend, it was adorable. But he didn’t want to place a burden on my caring soul, because the chance of him getting sick with cancer again was high. I told him that should be up to me if I want to possibly live that life, and as they say, the rest is history. I chose to be happy with my best friend.”

Would you share a short story that encapsulates you and Jay as a couple?
“My husband had never been anywhere like Disney or Universal until we started dating; he had only been to smaller places, like Cedar Point. He flew down to Universal not long after we got together and got to experience staying on property and going to a theme park. I could tell then that things would never be the same. 🤣 He saw how he could tune out the world and just enjoy life. He understood how it was my escape from reality while taking care of my grandma with Alzheimer disease. Now, we are known as the Disney/Florida couple to most of our friends and family. Along with the sports couple.”

What’s your favorite thing about Jay and why? What’s Jay’s favorite thing about you and why?
“My favorite thing about Jay is honestly his fight. The world and cancer has knocked him down so much, but he continues to come back and fight. I truly believe he tells everyone it is my heart that he loves the most. My heart to take care of everyone.” 

How did you get engaged? We want details!
“I wish it was something really awesome. But Jay was so excited that he finally found the ring and picked it up. He had went to talk to my grandma, who had Alzheimer’s disease, and asked her if it was okay to marry me. While she could not verbal give approval, it meant the world to me. He then went and asked my dad if it was okay. Then, he got down on one knee and asked if I would make him the luckiest man alive and be his, right inside my home. No fancy dinner because then, it would not be us. “

When planning the wedding, how did you pick each vendor? What stood out about each one?
“We honestly wanted to support as many small businesses as possible. Growing up, my grandma and papa owned a small business, running a greenhouse. Their only advertisement was word of mouth, as there was nothing like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/or TikTok to make them famous. My grandma has been gone a year now ,and we still have people stop by asking if we are open for business, so the heart of small businesses has been a part of me since I was a child.

We went with Grilled Meat and Treats for our food, because we knew that they had amazing food and wonderful service. They could give my guest a variety of options and food would be hot. 

Marylee Marmer Events for our flowers- I have known Marylee for a while. I love that she loves her couples, and her passion to give back to community she serves means so much.
D&J Entertainment actually came recommended to me by another family I know who’s son was married. 

My godmother found Ashley Dorton for us and we are OH-so-thankful!”

Tell us a core memory you took away from your wedding day.
“Our time went by so quickly, it felt like. But for me, the core memory truly was being surrounded by our family and friends as we said “I do”. Then, just celebrating that love. Not to mention, my husband swiping a whole cupcake down my face. 🤣 “

Did you have a favorite memory from the photography on your wedding day?
“My favorite had to be our golden hour!!!”

To Jay and Becca,

Thank you for sharing your golden hearts with me. I feel so honored to have met you both and to have played a part in documenting your love story. It moves me to tears to think of the obstacles you both have overcome, and I have no doubt in my mind that you are soulmates and each-other’s answered prayer. Seeing you at my recent Sip N’ See was such a lovely surprise and further details just how big your heart is and how much your grandparent’s love for small businesses still lives on in you- I know you’re making them smile every single day by just being yourself.

A special token of wisdom that I’m thankful to take away from your love story is this:
When love is real, it always finds a way.

Sending you the most love and light you both can possibly stand!


Photographer: Ashley Dorton Photography https://ashleydortonphotography.com/
Catering: Grilled Meats and Treats https://www.grilledmeatsandtreatsrva.com/
Bridal Party HMU: Team Knot Bridal https://www.teamknotbridal.com/
Bridal HMU: The Glam Belle (Brandi Pope) https://www.facebook.com/TheGlamBelle/
Bouquets and Boutonnieres: Marylee Marmer Events https://www.maryleemarmerevents.com/
Videographer: SO Visual Creations https://www.sovisualcreations.com/
Cake and Cupcakes: Ashley Wilson Chapman https://www.facebook.com/ashley.chapman.165
DJ: D&J Entertainment (Jerry Wary) https://djentertainmentdj.com/
Blog Written By: Sarah Kelly of Aligned Artists https://alignedartists.com/

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