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November 8, 2020

This session gives me chills and fills me with so much JOY. If that’s a weird way to start this, I don’t even care haha! Garret and Maddie are the absolute sweetest people on the earth, so together you can imagine how perfect they are!

Garret reached out to me after I shot their friend’s wedding and asked for my availability to take pictures of him and his girlfriend, Maddie. He informed me he would be proposing during this session so OF COURSE I’m definitely there! I would’ve been there anyway, but asking me to photograph a surprise proposal is always a *pinch me* moment for sure.

They’re from Fredericksburg and Garret wanted to shoot there – I love to travel and am always willing to make that happen for photography as well! Garret and Maddie have the sweetest love story that I just can’t avoid sharing so stick with me, you’ll be glad you did!

I asked them to share their love story details with me and I’m so glad they were so open and excited to do that because their story needs to be published SOMEWHERE. Here seems like a great place if you ask me!

“We met when I (Madalyn) was 16, and Garret was 17. I was going to my friend’s homecoming dance, and she went to a different school than I did. Garret and I didn’t know each other, but this night was the start of everything. We didn’t talk much at pictures, but Garret said he noticed me immediately and he stared… and the moment was caught on camera! After that, we went to dinner, hi-fived over our love for Texas Road House buttered rolls, and didn’t leave each other’s sides all night at the dance. We even went to the movies after the dance at midnight, and I (Madalyn) fell asleep with my head on his lap, and Garret made a bold move and kissed me on the cheek. 

Maddie sent this to me! The night they met (homecoming) – He’s staring at her — SO sweet! <3

Three months passed and we talked every single day, but did not officially start dating until January 25, 2015, when Garret asked me to be his girlfriend while the traffic report played on his Jeep radio, in the driveway of my parent’s house. We dated for 6 months when Garret left for college, 5 hours away. We dated for 4 years through college. Lots of long drives just to see each other for a few hours. We broke up towards the end of Garret’s senior year of college. For almost an entire year we were not together, because we had a lot of growing to do as individuals. 

But truly, in the most God-way possible, we found our way back to each other. And the rest, as they say, is history. We’ve loved each other since we were teenagers in high school, been to prom together, supported each other at high school and college athletic events… and it has been a ride filled with an abundance of grace and love. We’ve always been ‘the ones’ for each other, and truly no one else has ever compared.”

I mean, How. Freaking. Sweet?!

When I met Maddie at her friend’s wedding that I photographed, she was a grooms-woman and also spent a lot of time with the bride and bridesmaid that day. We ended up with lots of time to talk throughout the day because there were so many times that we needed to be at the same place. We were complete strangers before this wedding and I just remember thinking that she was so easy to talk to and her personality is SO fun. Obviously, I was thrilled when Garret reached out to have me photograph their surprise engagement!

For fun, I asked them their favorite characteristic(s) about each other – to no surprise, they have lots of favorite things about each other <3

Madalyn: I love how patient Garret is. My mom always says that he has the patience of Job, and that is so spot on. I am a very passionate and fiery personality type of person, and he compliments me so well, while also being the one who calms me down when I need it most. I love everything about him, obviously, but this part of him always impresses me and makes me so grateful that he is the way that he is.  

Garret: My favorite thing about her is her personality. She has a loud one, in the best way. She is sparkly, driven, and rich, and also extremely loving. People say it all the time, but she really does light up every room she goes into.

I couldn’t be happier for these two! They are truly a match made in heaven. Maddie and Garret, I wish you both the absolute BEST! Congratulations on deciding on forever! <3

For more from their session, see below. Thanks for checking out the blog!



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