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September 16, 2020

“Family is not an important thing, it is everything.”

Have you ever had that one countdown for a special event or vacation that really kept you moving forward? Like, your mind is constantly telling you that once I get to X, Y and then Z it’s go time and BAM, there’s all the motivation you’ve needed? Our annual vacation is one of those things for me. I look forward to it every year almost from the second we leave the year prior. Plus, we vacation later in the summer so the anticipation for it really builds throughout the year – ESPECIALLY this year, because 2020! It really is such a good time and SO good for my soul.

Myrtle Beach, SC

I’ve had a lot of opportunity to check out from the stressors in life and relax in the sun this summer (so thankful for that) but there’s just that “thing” about family vacation that makes it different. Even with a solid handful of small kids around, it just hits different, in a really awesome way! The chaos is welcomed with me 150% – being surrounded by the people that push you forward, support you through your highs and lows and stand with you in all that life brings while you are all soaking up the sand and sun, yep, it’s as amazing as it sounds! We have FUN!

The beach weather can be iffy in September, but we had great weather for most of the time! The kids had a blast together and it’s always so fun to see their bonds grow as time goes on and they get older. This is definitely a tradition I cherish – It’s just so fulfilling to step away from our day to day routines and enjoy a week at the beach together with our family!

Every year I make shirts for the cousins, we had 2 new additions with us this year so OF COURSE they’re rocking theirs, too! Yep, I plan to still do this when they’re old enough to care, but hopefully they will go with it and we can enjoy the progression of those cousin photos for years and years! I have been friends with Casey (Hayden & Aysleigh’s mom) for literally forever so it is so surreal to me sometimes that our kids are cousins. I love that!

The photographer in me takes FULL advantage of the time together and I love that they humor me and let me update each of their family pictures every year! Casey and Cody have welcomed me as their photographer for so many parts of their lives and most, if not all, of their lives together! I’ve been honored to do their annual Christmas pictures, Casey’s boudoir session, bridal portraits, Hayden & Aysleigh’s newborn photos and milestones and Casey’s maternity pictures with both babies! <3

Casey & Cody are cherished friends just as much as they are family. I am so grateful for all of the time we spend together, the bond we share and the bond our babies now share. I just adore their sweet, little family so much!

And then, there is the Griffith family (Kelly, Tanner & Kayson) that is equally a dream to spend time with! I felt like I needed to finish that sentence before I said they are also a dream to have in front of my camera because it sounds so selfish to include that with spending time with them. Truly, I love spending time with them just as much as I love to photograph them, which is a LOT! Kelly and I have been friends for almost a decade and our friendship has grown by leaps and bounds recently! I’m so thankful I have her in my life and have really loves seeing her as a new mom – a really darn good one!

I have been lucky enough to have Kelly and Tanner in front of my camera on previous occasions as well, for couple’s pictures and maternity photos! I’ve also been honored to capture Kayson’s newborn session and I CANNOT BELIEVE how fast the time flies – he is now 3 months old and just celebrated his first time at the beach! *sigh* They grow up so fast! The most perfect, newest addition to “The Crew” <3 I loved getting to snuggle him up this week and look forward to watching him & Reagan’s bond grow as he gets older! Kelly & Tanner are killing the parenting a newborn thing and I am just really thankful to be able to document their family in this way. They are a blessing to Reagan and I and I enjoyed the time we spent together this week! A fun fact about Kelly and Tanner – they have been best friends for over a decade and “friend-zoned” each other for most of that time before giving a relationship a shot. In Kelly’s words (and I know Tanner would wholeheartedly agree), “It was the best decision either one of us have ever made and now we have a perfect little boy. God had his plan, we just had to wait for his timing.”

It fills my momma heart with so much joy to know that Reagan has such an amazing family and friends to spend time with and make so many awesome memories with! We had the absolute best time in Myrtle Beach this year and already can’t wait for this week next year! <3

Thanks for tuning in and supporting me always!



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