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Cake Smash sessions make my inner-child beam with joy,
especially when my subject is a childhood best-friend’s beautiful daughter.

Cake Smash | Eliza

April 2, 2021


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Boudoir shoots are something that can certainly raise eyebrows and I am looking forward to this blog post because I’m hoping to place it in a different light. Sure, the word “boudoir” is derived from a French word meaning “private salon,” and boudoir sessions are generally meant to be more intimate and sexy in nature, […]

Boudoir | Savannah

February 13, 2021


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I can’t start this blog with anything other than how much of a BLAST shooting a branding session with Nicole Reed Real Estate & Associates was! We did a branding session together 4 years ago when Nicole was starting out and it has been so awesome seeing her create her success in real estate! Nicole […]

Branding Shoot | Nicole Reed

February 7, 2021

Branding Shoot

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Whew, my calendar has been booked almost solid between sessions and editing for the last couple of months and I am SO GRATEFUL for the confirmation that saying goodbye to my 9-5 to pursue my photography business was an amazing decision! I have the best clients on the planet. It’s been a couple of weeks […]

Sophia + Isaac | Engaged

January 30, 2021


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This one HAD to make it’s way onto my blog – When you see the images, you’ll agree. It was an incredible day and every single detail was stunning. The vibe of the whole day was so calm, cool and FUN. I want to start with Derrick and Mesaydes’ love story. I love to ask […]

The Greene Wedding | Derrick + Mesaydes

December 25, 2020


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It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! Especially at Fairview Farm in Powhatan, VA! Fairview Farm is a breathtaking, rustic wedding venue that features 115 acres, packed with the most incredible views. My aunt Halona, who is a talented decorator and the owner of Happier Fortunes LLC worked tirelessly in November to help decorate […]

Christmas at Fairview Farm | Surprise Engagement

December 20, 2020

Fairview Farms

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There’s something about lifestyle sessions that I swoon over every time a new one hits my calendar! I just love being welcomed into your homes to document pictures that your family will cherish forever. The feel of “HOME” that is added into the vibe of the session for my clients really makes it so special […]

McFadden Family | Lifestyle

December 10, 2020


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Newborn studio sessions are a definite, easy fav for me when it comes to the things I enjoy most about my photography business! To put this lightly, I was ECSTATIC when Chelsea presented me with the opportunity to have her little miracles in the studio! Yes, I said miracleS (with a CAPITAL S!) because I […]

Studio Session | McCartt Triplets

November 28, 2020


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I don’t know about you but I have NEVER been more ready for Christmas. They joy that comes with the Holiday season is very welcome here! I love Halloween and Thanksgiving and I usually soak up every second of those before decorating for Christmas but if you had your decorations up in September I wouldn’t […]

Winter and Christmas Sessions | Booking links included

November 11, 2020

Mini Sessions

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This session gives me chills and fills me with so much JOY. If that’s a weird way to start this, I don’t even care haha! Garret and Maddie are the absolute sweetest people on the earth, so together you can imagine how perfect they are! Garret reached out to me after I shot their friend’s […]

Maddie + Garret | Engaged

November 8, 2020