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July 24, 2020

First things first, the feeling of photographing a marital ceremony again is just indescribable. I LOVE capturing weddings and engagements and elopements – I am at complete peace behind the camera in any capacity but photographing sessions fully surrounding love, on what is very likely two people’s most fulfilling and exciting day of their lives. Two people with a unique love story that have decided to spend forever together, I mean can we just think of that in detail for a second and relish in how amazing it is? Ok, I’m rambling now. I just love being in this role as a photographer and I can’t describe that fully because there aren’t enough words.

The stunning Fairview Farm Events – http://fairviewfarmevents.com

Bryan and Abigail, THANK YOU for allowing me to play this role in your special day. I am always so honored to be someone’s wedding photographer and want you to know that your elopement is just as much of a dream come true to me as a photographer as any of my past weddings!

Weddings are so much fun and as I touched on at the start of this blog, if I HAD to choose one single favorite aspect of being a photographer it would be the opportunity to photograph a couple’s wedding day. The excitement all day while the bride and groom get ready, the nerves that set in the closer the ceremony time gets, the smiles and tears as the bride walks down the aisle and throughout the ceremony and the ultra-fun receptions afterwards… wedding days are a LOT of fun.

The intimacy of an elopement ceremony is just amazing though – You get the 100% raw and intimate vibes with the closest of the couple’s relatives and it just really is incredible. Bryan and Abigail’s elopement was no different. Witnessing their love for eachother in such an intimate setting cannot be described any less than truly perfect.

I was so excited to hear more about Bryan and Abigail’s story, and am so glad I asked because it is a phenomenal one that you’d read about in books. Except… I’m writing about it on my blog which is exciting to say the VERY least!

They met as complete strangers, at a Starbucks, while they were both in Cleveland, OH for college and, after lengthy conversation, sparked an interest in each other. In Abigail’s words, “In a town with more than 4 colleges, it was a one-in-a-million chance we met!” Love will make you do crazy things – Fast forward their love story to now, Abigail says Bryan is a “city-slicker” that she converted to the farm life. They now have Bryan’s “dream animals,” 3 alpaca, and she has her exhibition chickens!

When Bryan proposed to Abigail he sent her on an all-day scavenger hunt! At every point she was met with a friend or family member to do a fun activity (wine tasting, local brewery, nail salon, etc) with. At the end of each adventure she had to decode a clue to guess the next destination. To incorporate his favorite show “Dragon Ball Z,” there were a total of 7 locations for each of the 7 Dragon Balls. Once all 7 are collected you get to make a wish! Once she reached the 7th stop she was taken to a local restaurant where he “made his wish” of marrying her and proposed! So. Stinking. Sweet!!!!!

Abigail also told me that being a “covid bride” was incredibly stressful because they spent so much time worrying — worrying if they’d be able to have the wedding, about the health of their family and friends… but then when they learned Fairview Farm Events would welcome them for a more intimate ceremony, they were elated! She says “once we got all the details worked out, the few days before and the day of were amazing! It was like nothing was wrong in the world and everything was perfect.”

Bryan and Abigail plan to host a large, formal wedding at Fairview Farm Events on July 12, 2021! I’ve blogged on Fairview recently and boasted about their amazing venue – from the scenic property to their incredible team… they are a one-of-a-kind venue!

Abigail had so many kind words to share about the venue as well! She says they landed on this venue because it is an all-in-one venue where they can have family from all over the country come and not have to worry about coordinating hotels, getting all of the guests to the venue on time, and rushing on a tight schedule. She added that being out in the country for everyone to relax together was a dream come true!

I am so happy for the new Mr. and Mrs. Berg and was so honored to photograph their day! You two are perfect for each other an that is an undeniable fact! Congratulations Abigail and Bryan!!

Thanks for visiting the blog – I hope you enjoy more images from their day below!

Xo- Ashley

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